Get Your Experience of the Pros at Wimbledon

The Wimbledon courts are the tennis version of the theatre of dreams. They are where some of the biggest careers are made.

Big pros from across the world gather for the globally renowned tournament, making the atmosphere absolutely electric. You can check this out to discover more about the tournament. Nevertheless, there are a few outstanding things about this tournament that we wish to point out here.

The Oldest Global Tennis Tournament

First played in 1877, Wimbledon is the most ancient and arguably the most prestigious tennis competition globally. It is one of the four grand slam tournaments, together with the Australian, French and US Open. Consequently, it always attracts the biggest players as it is watched by a large global audience. This makes attending the championship a highly memorable experience.

Venue of the Tournament

Wimbledon’s All England Club hosts the tournament. It has two grass courts on which the game is played, equipped with retractable roofs. There is a unique tradition of a white dress code for the players. Some 128 male and 128 female players take part. The level of competition is therefore very high and upsets are quite common. Go Sport Travel can help you plan your journey to Wimbledon with ease.